Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cover Me

I don't really have a lot to say today. I do, but nothing I'm really wanting to at this point. Eventually. Maybe. "I'm not promising you anything, Whoopi!"

But I'm on a quest to have at least 100 days of straight blogging and I have like 10 more to go, or less. Count your lucky stars.

I've done one of those meme posts here and there, but never tagged anyone. Nor did I ever know anyone who has taken me up on the thing. So colour me surprised when at least three people did, from my post two days ago. Three that I know of.

I have to start off with the person who started it all: Kris. It was her meme actually. But I know the other folks used it from my blog - but she gets the props. Hers is so Jenny Lewis, it's eerie. Loving it!

Jon doesn't have a blog (yet!). But he took up the cause. ...not that it is a cause. I LOVE his album title. It fits him so well, you have no idea. I'm not sure what to make of the Transformer-y cover. To be fair, he doesn't either.

Sean had a good one too. I love the image. It's a little Augusten Burroughs, but whatta gonna do?

Birdie's is the one I really like (next to mine, of course). The image. The font. The creative text placement.

All are impressive because none of these were a slam dunk post. They took a lot more time than anyone really thought they would - present company included! So they showed commitment.

If anyone else out there has done it, I'd be happy to add to this post, or do a sequel to the sequel post.

Song by: Bruce Sprinsteen

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Birdie said...

Aren't you a sweetie! Thanks. Yeah, I lucked out on the image, didn't I.