Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Times

How much tougher can this economy get?

GM. Circuit City. Madoff. U2 selling only 484,000 copies of their shiteous new disk in a week. The horror of it all!

Now word on the Street is that Mr. Hooper, Gordon and gang are cutting 20% of their staff. Yes, the folks on Sesame Street are getting the axe.

I guess Mr. Hooper doesn't really have to worry, as he's been taking the big dirt nap for a decade or two now. I have no idea if Gordo and Susan are even still on the show. They must be grandparents by now, no? And what has become of Bob McGrath?

Not that they are asking for one, but if the Children's Television Workshop ever asked for a bailout, it should be turned down. Flat. No one on that block ever pulled their weight

To be fair, after Hooper died, the only one on that block who had a job was my personal favourite, Grover.

Oh, Grover might not have been the most competent waiter - but he tried. It's more than I can say for the rest of them.

Where did Cookie Monster get cash for his habit? Maybe that's why he always stole his sweets? And while I love the Count - just counting things isn't a job, unless you are a mathematician. I don't think he was.

Of course, they were frivolous with the clumsy waiter who would always drop the 10 banana cream pies.....or whatever the sponsor number of the show might have been that day. But on a daily basis, they lost tons of food due to waiter error. Not Grover.

I'm not even going near Ernie & Burt. Two confirmed bachelors, sharing expenses with their disposable incomes are rarely affected by such an economic downturn. Too bad Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle died a few years back. I'm sure he's turning in his grave.

The only one not feeling a change of course would be Oscar. He's already used to living on the street and eating scraps.

Elmo however, can rot in hell.

Song by: Emmylou Harris


tornwordo said...

That is weird, we were talking about Sesame Street in class yesterday. Couldn't remember Grover's name, and voila the universe provides. We all remembered most clearly the falling waiter with the cream pies et al. Also, we all decided that the show wasn't on anymore. Apparently we were mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Um, why do you know so much about Sesame Street? I mean, I could see you remembering the show from when you were 5, but it appears you have been a fan for life. Quilty pleasure?

Kevin said...

To phrase a website i once saw Elmo can suck a bag a dicks!

Just got back into the Muppet show (and of course my faves are the old guys in the balcony)

Blobby said...

I don't think I've seen the show since Jim Henson died...but Grover was always underreated.

Jon - of course you must know I remember this. I remember just about EVERYTHING. I haven't seen any SS except on DVD when Jane S was a baby and visiting w/her mother.

Kevin - TMS is pure genius. Statler & Waldorf are great, but 'Pigs in Space' and 'Veterinarian's Hospital' are my faves.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Guy Smiley. He rocks!

Kevin said...

Just got to Season 2 on DVD where they introduced PIS.

Tune in next week when we hear Nurse Piggy Say.....

Anonymous said...

It's an old SNL Weekend Update joke, but apparently the layoffs were brought to the workers by the letters F and U.