Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seven Year Ache

Today marks the beginning of my seventh year of blogging! Seven! Can you frickin' believe it? I can't.

Unfortunately it is also the beginning for the seventh year of the wars in the mid-east. Yes, I started this blog with that intent. I write that part every year at this time, don't I?

I also write how this blog has evolved. As I approach my 1400th post, I do it a lot more consistently then I did back then. Hell, right now I'm going on about 105 days in a row...or so.

In the beginning the posts were as long as Twitter allows tweets to be. I was just funning around then. I still am. The posts are a lot longer then they were back in the day, and every once in awhile might actually have a little bit of substance.

I said, a little bit! ...and might.

The sub-title of the blog is still Stuff & Nonsense (taken from a Split Enz song) because that's what I'm about for the most part. Ask anyone. Or anyone who knows me.

Much like Bush and Iraq, I don't have an exit strategy. While running with the Iraq/blog metaphor, like most of America you probably think I should and wrap this debacle up. But for the moment, I might just run it into the ground until my approval numbers get as low as his did.

HA! Who am I kidding? At my worst, they'd never be that bad!

Song by: Rosanne Cash


tornwordo said...

You've been blogging for six years. Quite an accomplishment (I think) I'm ready to wrap it up after only four.

Anonymous said...

I know you've told me I should blog, but it seems like such a time suck. I'm all about the sucking, but not when it comes to time.