Sunday, March 01, 2009

Site of the Month

Man, I am just knocking these out on or about the first day of the month, aren't I?

This month you get two in one posting. Mostly because they are similar in nature.

At my last job, the two bosses I had in a two year period and I had an unofficial running contest on who could find fun grammar mistakes. Thank g-d, they never found this blog, or they could have easily won that game.

For a while, I was the only one to take pictures of the stuff I found, but later, Marty did too. David would only point things out. I don't remember him ever presenting us with a picture (but if you really want to piss him off, use a lot of exclamation points. He HATES that!!!!!!!)

It all started off with the wrong use of an Apostrophe and how often it happens. Not so much on the "its" or "it's". We are talking words that don't normally use the apostrophe.

David found a Flickr group that is dedicated to people submitting photographs of what they come across during a normal day. Grocer's Apostrophe is where you can go to see upwards of 700 pics that have been uploaded. I have only submitted one - and one I have already published here from when we were in Mexico.

I was with Morty, George and Denton and actually walked back to take the shot, just so I could send it to Marty and David.

We have since moved on to inappropriate or unnecessary quotation marks. David found this website too - which is called cleverly enough, the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks.

Marty finally got on board with picture taking thing and sent David and myself this two weeks ago. His email stated he was headed from the airport to Malleys, a candy store, to pick up sweets for his wife for Valentine's Day. He snapped this:

Of course, my response was, "they're hiring????" I guess it's proof that Obama's stimulus package is working.

Naturally, I had to ask him if his wife knew he had stopped by "Malleys" on his way home.

I got zero response.

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