Thursday, March 26, 2009

Le Ballet D'Or

Spandau Ballet is reforming!!! Whoo-hooo?

Is this anything anyone was ever waiting for? I'd vote for 'no' - unless you are their accountant or collected the rent on their flat every month.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them, per se. But there is nothing right with them either. They are just..............there.

I remember back in the day, my mother seeing them on some tv show singing, "True" - it couldn't have been MTV, as we didn't have cable then - and said aloud: (paraphrasing, but close) "oh, why can't all these bands be nice and wear suits like this group."

I think I bruised my eyelids from rolling the eye balls so hard.

I'm sure she didn't think that of the Beatles when they wore their suits back in 1963, so maybe she had come along with the times - to a degree.

"True" bored the ever-loving-shit out of me. It was a time of decent enough music (though many would disagree), but man, the word "banal" just comes to mind. I give credit where credit is due - their follow-up single, "Gold", was the best song that was never a James Bond theme song (not that it was rejected or anything - I just meant in the style of......).

But other than that? Really - what is/was there? How does reforming constitute anything more than playing rib-fests across the country. They're destined to be double billed with Rick Springfield for g-d's sake! Maybe it will be a throw-down to see who is the opening act.

Clearly they are serious about this little jaunt. They even have an official website. Hell, they were broken-up about 15 years before the inter-highway was even built. Though I don't think anyone other than these chaps were chomping at the bit to snag the URL.

Me? I'm just holding out for the big Modern English reunion. It's coming. Right?

Song by: Counting Crows


Kris said...

Even an 80s music freak like me says "yawn" to this news.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for KAJAGOOGOO!