Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black Thumb

When you make an effort to blog daily, sometimes you just have to yak about the most mundane things in your life.

Take yesterday - I finally went to the dermatologist to get that frickin' wart taken off my finger. Yes, I blogged about it about a year ago, but it is still there in full force (no Lisa Lisa or Cult Jam).

A dozen or so tries with that over the counter method of freezing did not seem to do the trick. So, finally I just wasn't feeling good about myself still sporting it on my right thumb.

The doctor's office axed me what I had done on my own to rid myself of this now evidence of an existing virus. I told them of the over the counter remedies I tried - in vain. That freezing stuff I bought, apparently, is only -50F. The stuff the doc was going to use on me was more than -200F. Yowza!

I axed him if it would hurt and he said, 'yes - why, did you want me to lie to you?' I said, 'absolutely'.

But he did the first round and it wasn't bad. He commented on how good my pain threshold was. I normally think I'm a wuss, but maybe my perception is off. We did 7-8 rounds of freezing in this session. I lost count.

Yes, I said 'this session' - but more on that in a bit.

By the time we got to round 4, I was feeling it. I would wince and he noticed. But I was a good camper. We chatted during the down time. He really liked my tie. I think he really liked it when I told him it had a name - which I don't think most ties do.

It's called Erythromycin as seen under a Microscope. I think he liked the medical aspects of it. I always liked it too.

We finally quit on round 7 or 8 when my face clearly was showing signs of pain. I was probably happy to keep going if I thought it would work, but he thought enough was enough - for this appointment.

That is kind of when he mentioned that it would take a few sessions to possibly get rid of it. Possibly. All this - and it might not even ever work. Yay me! "If it doesn't go away in 8 sessions or so, it probably never will."

Well, there's a ray of sunshine for you. I could be a hideous freak forever now! Or, a more hideous freak, as the case may be.

The doc was great, but now my thumb hurts. Not horribly, it's just annoying - like me. The wart is now hard as a rock and partially black....or necrotic, or something. My next time back is in three weeks. Lordy, I hope I see improvement by then. I won't really mind the treatments if they work.

Song by: Lori Carson


tornwordo said...

That's some tenacious wart you got there. I got rid of one once by biting it off every time it came back. I can't remember which time though, maybe the fourth or fifth and then it never came back.

Birdie said...

TMI, Torn, TMI. Jeez.

Beats excision. Which is sort of what Torn's method was. Gah.

Morty said...

I've used the biting/Torn method in the past. It can be effective, and oddly satisfying. But the freezing should work, Blob.

Blobby said...

I do not see any way, shape or form that I will be biting this off. Ever.