Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There is no real good reason for posting this. At least I don't think. I could have told you where (roughly) I came out on the scale without ever actually taking the 40 question quiz. Not only that, I swear I have taken and posted something like this before, but with over 180 posts that could be determined 'political' it was hard to find.

With 126 unaccounted for points - it seems that the term 'very progressive' would be overstating it, unless if you got to 400 they just branded you a Sandinista.

Most of the questions are clear cut, but sometimes the phrasing of it made me carefully chose my answer(s). If the word 'always' or 'never' appeared, I wasn't so quick to pick the number I initially might have, so I tempered my level of agreement.

I could not find a way to embed this sucker into the blog, so all you get above is a .jpg of my score. However, if you would like to take your own quiz of this - you can get to it by going here.

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tornwordo said...

I got 291. Same neighborhood it seems.