Monday, November 24, 2008

Silent Partner

Cleveland is attempting to pass a Domestic Partner Registry program. Snore.

First - they are a little past the time for this. Too little, too late. Cleveland Heights did it about six years ago and one of the first cities in the nation to do it. Cleveland proper turned their back on it then.

Secondly - Ohio passed a ban on gay marriage back in 2004, in the whole let's throw off voters with a non-measure to get them riled up for 'family values' and the GOP.

So now, Cleveland admittedly is trying to stop 'brain drain' from NE Ohio and hope that smart folks who can move anywhere, because they can (i.e. homos). And for this right - which is non-binding and provides absolutely nothing by law, or can be enforced by anyone or for anyone - we would get to pay the low low price of $75!

Yes, Cleveland is extremely cash-strapped, so why not prey on the folks who might have disposable income that four years ago they helped decide to exclude.


But because gays do bring cash to the table - Cleveland is also vying for the 2014 Gay Games. This one I'm slightly better with. A few 100 gay athletes and a few 1000 of their admirers coming to town to make the straights uncomfortable, all while they profit from the poofs.

....and clearly it is already making some locals uncomfortable - like Juanita Solis, who wrote this letter to the Plain Dealer:

Is Cleveland so hard up for money that we need to push aside our morals and integrity and vie to host the 2014 Gay Games (Plain Dealer, Oct. 16)? Are we condoning homosexuality by courting this event? It's bad enough that gay marriages are being legalized.

I'm sure that I am going to upset a lot of people, but I'm sorry. I'm no Bible thumper, but please tell me where in the Bible it says that men are to be with men and women are to be with women? If there is such a passage in the Bible, then I will gladly shut up.

Now, I considered writing a response to this. Something like this:

"I'm sure I'm going to upset a lot of people, but I'm sorry. Solon (the uber-white Cleveland suburb where Ms Solis lives) is not comfortable with hispanics living in its borders. We are fine with you coming once, every other week, to do the floors, baseboards, tubs and sinks, but I do not see anything in the city charter where you people should be residing within city limits.

Clearly, I have nothing against hispanics, but if Juanita insists on making broad, uninformed, prejudicial statements about one group of people, I don't have much issue with pointing this out in language she might understand. Might. To be honest, I don't think she is that intelligent to pick up on it, even when hit over the head with it.

The only actual response in the PD I saw was better than anything I came up with. The guy suggested Ms. Solis move to Iran where there are no homosexuals at all! I'm for that.

But I do find both Cleveland initiatives to be hypocritical.

We certainly will not be shelling out any cash for the registry. I see some issues with not doing this too. In a way, I feel the need to show a force in numbers on how many queer couples are here - but the bigger picture problem for me is, the city presenting me with a $75 piece of worthless paper. By the way - cost of a marriage license? $40!!!!!!!

Bite me.

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tornwordo said...

Why do newspapers even print such drivel. She's no bible thumper but her whole reason for hating is based on it. Nice.