Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Blue Period

I have an overriding comment that I want to say to McCain, Palin, the GOP, the RNC, Elizabeth Dole, Karl Rove, Fox "News" and all the others out there who were expecting another Right Wing win - along with all their slimy tactics:

Nelson Muntz is the voice of the people!!!

Honest to g-d, if Obama had lost, I had no ideas for a blog post. I had ideas of suicide, but not a blog post. I guess my suicide not could have been my post - but that would have been a downer to go out on.

I guess the song title/blog post title would have had the word 'cry' in it somewhere. Maybe multiple places - or something from the folk "supergroup" (ha!) Cry Cry Cry. Looking through my iTunes liberry - the possibilities are in the dozens.

I'm in DC - what one would think would be the center of it all. I hear fireworks going off. Horns blasting all the way around Thomas Circle and up Vermont Avenue and 14th St. People are shouting from their balconies. I hear the celebration, but am alone. It's a weird disconnected feeling. Either way - the crowds will not let me sleep. It's a small price to pay for such a huge historic event. It sure beats Hands Across America.

I'm loving the more than double electoral votes though for Obama. I don't have all the numbers yet, so I don't know the margin. I was estimating beforehand between 5% margin - and I was right. 52-47%.

It is nice to see Ohio back in the blue. The last eight years have been tough. I'm ok with a 4 point win there. Only 19 of our 88 counties predominantly voted for Obama, and yeah I would have liked to see it higher, but considering two weeks ago, Obama trailed by 2 points, I'll take whatever we can get.

I had to mute McCain's concession speech. The racism in the crowd seemed palpable. The boos - at the mention of Obama's name, and when race was even mentioned, was just downright icky.

Admittedly, I could not even stay awake for Obama's. I tried, but I was exhausted. I heard it was great, so now I'll have to go look for it on-line.

The Washington Post, print edition, had a very bland headline: Early Returns Show Obama on Path To Historic Victory. That's nice and all, but I was hoping for more punch! I'm sure they had to put that sucker to bed early (like me) to get it out. It almost doesn't even seem worth saving for a keepsake.

So at least for the next two years, the House, the Senate and the White House are Blue. Hopefully for the next eight. ...maybe this is why I finally got a decent night sleep!

Song by: the Smithereens


RJ March said...

So-- you're too quick to dismiss Fox, sir; Bill O'Reilly said on Monday night that McCain would lose. I was there, I heard it. And I listened to Obama's speech and it was great-- I'm sorry you missed that one.

Overall, I'm glad this crap is over; this part of the crap, I mean. I don't doubt there's more to follow.

Sue said...

Our plan was to move to Mexico. But we are more than happy to stay here now! Thanks Ohio!