Saturday, November 22, 2008

Part Missing

I'm not. Missing that is. No reason to take out ads on milk cartons or anything.

In a way, not blogging for two days was kind of liberating and kind of disconcerting. I felt the need to continue my streak, but je had nothing really to say. I guess that could be argued with my entire 1200+ posts. But I did like not trying to craft something amusing to say.

Blobby was on the road again. Not flying, but driving. I got to hit (kind of) my old stomping grounds of Columbus. Yeah, it was mostly work - but I got to see Morty, George and Tom G. We had a nice dinner - right across from where Morty and I (and Dith) used to live. Then it was a furniture store. Now you get italian-like food there. And alcohol. The 'hood has changed so much since we lived there.....omg, 15-18 years ago!

But what we mostly got was just some great face-time. It's always good to see those guys - even if Dith ditched us for something better to do. IF!

My job is just a job. I am getting closer to knowing my fate about a position I have been in discussions with for the last five months. I know I'm the guy - and it is a good job, but I'm not overly "jazzed" about it. Probably more stability - which in these days is saying something.

We are now in preliminary discussions about salary and benefits - so if they can't match what I need (or want), I will probably stay least for now.

It's cold. Colder than it should be for November. Teens cold. This is usually late December weather....and even mid-January for the last few years. It's too early.

That's it folks. No major stories. No major revelations.

Continue on as normal........

Song by: Lori Carson

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