Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the Lowlands

Allison Moorer once sang one of my most favourite lyrics: "it's unpopular to be unpopular". Bush must just hate Allison Moorer.

Just to add pleasure to last week's election results, GWB is at an all time record low for approval ratings. 76% say he's doing a bad job.

....oh not just for his presidency. For any presidency. ...at least since approval ratings have been kept (i.e. the last 60+ years!).

Yes, W has a rating lower than Nixon's when he resigned. Ouch! (I couldn't find a graph that had just his approval ratings that went past October - so you're stuck with this one!)

The Putz Pres had a high rating of almost 90% right after 9/11, dipping to 55 right before invading Iraq (bumping him up 20 points), but since then it's been on a steady decline. As of this last weekend, he is up to a 76% disapproval rating. The next lowest? Harry Truman back in 1952!!

There has always been speculation on how history would treat Shrub. Clearly, only time will really tell, but I feel that unless Iraq is truly liberated and becomes a fully democratic society, he's destined to be vilified - and with good reason.

I also don't feel that Iraq will be liberated and become democratic within our lifetime.

Yes, it is unpopular to be unpopular. ....and he'd know.

Song by: the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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