Friday, November 07, 2008

I'll Watch the News

What do you think this is all about? Yes, it's a quiz....not entirely rhetorical.

You'd think it was folks waiting to place a vote on Tuesday's election, but it twasn't. It was people lined up (my estimation: 500-700 folks) to get a later edition of the Washington Post - the one where it says OBAMA WINS. The one I didn't get at my hotel. Damned 'early edition' (somewhere, Morty just got wood!).

This was the line two blocks from the Post's main office. There were also people 60-100 deep at each CVS I passed waiting for their delivery too.

Apparently print isn't dead. Who knew?

And it's not - not really. I still read the actual Plain Dealer - I never know why. I breeze through it in record time. There ain't never nuttin' in there. And of course, the NYT on Sundays, but that is mostly for the Wedding section.

Of course, Neither is video. I'm thinking Palin might wish both were. For the print piece, as Andrew pointed out in a Twit, there is the Newsweek piece (mostly page 2) that points out some weird-ass behavior on her part: towel parading and more clothing issues. For the video part, well she is caught not knowing that Africa is a continent, and not a country. I'm not posting the YouTube of it.

She has as much education as her future son-in-law who dropped out of high school! 2012, indeed.

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