Friday, November 14, 2008

Goodnight Moon

I should have known it was a full moon. The day went from bad to worse. One of those workdays that nothing goes right. Somethings blind-side you, others you can see coming a mile away and can still only watch happen.

...and whatta gonna do?

I'll tell ya what - you have beer at lunch. Or two. It's time for Christmas Ale, apparently. I've never had it before, but apparently it is supposed to be beer that kicks your ass. Maybe it can - if you're not an alcoholic a wuss. Folks say that one is equal to two or three beers. Lightweights. Two in the middle of the day made the afternoon go better, but drunk? Nahhh.

Maybe it was the three glasses of Bon Anno I had the night before. Which was so much better than the beer.

Man - I hope things go better at work tomorrow. I'm not sure how much more my liver can take.

Song by: Shivaree

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