Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Married Man

There have been some half-baked thoughts out there on Prop 8 - on both sides. Maybe not that bad, but more wrought with emotion than logic. My Keith Olbermann post from the other day was one I liked, but for the demographic who watch his show - he was preaching to the choir. He was not really bringing one over to the Gay Side of marriage.

Last Saturday, on Real Time with Bill Maher, Dan Savage was on (again) - his first time after Prop 8 failed. I'm not a huge fan of Savage's written column - it's a bit over the top for me - but as a commentator, he's articulate, and has well thought-out ideas and if need be, arguments.

Take this clip. Yeah, you have to sit through Ashton Kutcher, and his borderline homophobic response (about 50 seconds in) - he almost redeems himself (1:45 in). Almost!

It is really about 4:10 into the video where Savage presents one of the best counterpoints to the Right, or the Mormons, or the Catholics rationale on why same sex marriage is a threat to the institution. It's a fun thing to watch - but maybe that's just me.

Fall-out from Prop 8 continues. The multiple protests that happened last weekend (admittedly, I did not attend in the 35 degree pouring rain) - which was coordinated in days via FaceBook or MySpace. They got hundreds of thousands of people protesting - something HRC couldn't do in a year's worth of planning.

There is a push for Hollywood to boycott the Sundance Film Festival - as the latter is full of Mormons (major instigators to push Prop 8 to pass) and the former is full of homosexuals. No - it's true! I swear!!!

I'm ok with the boycott. Nothing good has come out of Sundance since sex, lies and videotape anyway.

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