Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tall Trees

So, my plane arrives on Thursdee afternoon , and like the good partner I am, I call to say the (b)eagle has landed and that I'm headed home.

I know he's at work. But he goes, "ummmm.....there might be a crew there when you get home." Naturally, I respond "what kind of crew?"

Apparently, more landscaping. Much more. Denton "claims" I gave him a verbal ok. I do not recall this. I do recall him saying he was getting estimates and I believe that was the last I heard of it. Now I expect things in writing. And notarized.

Granted, we have had four or five ash trees right in front. Skinny little-ish things that stood 40-50' high. But at least in NE Ohio, there is an ash borer that is going around killing all these trees. Cities up here have been taking them down proactively. Apparently, so are we. Just without my buy-in.

So this was the scene when I pulled up to the front of the house:

....and trust me, that isn't even a sliver that was on the other side of the pile. More chopped up tree trunks and branches and a half-dozen undocumented workers landscapers.

It wasn't all trees taken out. No, a number of bushes had been removed too - but it's not like he is going to leave things bare. Above are the replacement shrubs, bushes and trees to go in their place. There are more that are not in this picture.

They are all planted now, but it was pitch black at 7p when I got home last night. And I haven't been outside this morning.

I'm thinking in the next day or so, you'll get a before, during and after post. Because tomorrow is Sundee, and I haven't even begun to think of a topic. I might just make it easy on myself.

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