Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hello Hopeville

Final recap about going out to vote. Since I'm asking you to "vote smart" - hopefully you've done some research into the candidates, the issues, the repercussions of the lever you pull, the screen you touch, or the hole you punch - regardless of what or whom you vote for.

Yeah - I'm an Obama supporter (SURPRISE!), but don't listen to the things the Right says - unless you've looked into their allegations - and not via Fox "News":
  • Obama was born in Hawaii. Legal citizen.
  • Obama is not Muslim - and what if he were? Last I checked only 19 of the multiple millions of Muslims in the world hijacked planes that flew into any US buildings. I don't like the fact that priests sodomize young boys, but would that stop me from voting for a qualified catholic?
  • Obama is not a Socialist. And before you call him that - do you know what one is? McCain doesn't, or he wouldn't be saying he'd have the US Treasury pay off all the bad mortgages. Or maybe he does know what it means, but hopes no one else would figure out he has Socialist tendencies.
  • He doesn't cavort with terrorists. Last I checked William Ayers was convicted of nothing - and one meeting years ago does not make them bestest buds. But if that is the standard measure, by that account - McCain putting his nose up Bush's and Cheney's buttholes as far as he can, would classify him the biggest terrorist affiliate of all.
  • Sarah "i'm an average joe six pack" Palin, has $1.2 million dollars to her name. That means you and I are way way way below average. ....so why can't she afford her own $150k shopping bill?
  • Beating a dead horse - not McCain's age (though keep that in mind too!): he doesn't vet Palin or Joe the Plumber. Yes he likes the way the latter sounds and even though the guy is nothing but bad press - McCain is like a man with Tourettes when it comes to him. I know - it seems like no biggie, but if that is how he does on the little things, do I want him in charge of anything bigger? Do you?
That all being said - one of my peers talks about visiting his clinics in Mississippi and Louisiana. FRIGHTENING the things that come of some people's mouths. The things he says he has heard. It is amazing these people have advanced degrees, let alone clinicians who believe that people were just plopped down here 6,000 years ago as is. But it's more the B or N word they use on why not to vote for someone. It baffles me.

Ok Ok. I could go on for days. I gotta stop.

Get out there. Wait in line for as long as it takes. Good luck guys!

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