Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where I Stood

Question: How do I know I'm getting old?

Answer: When I start getting music advice from my oldest niece and nephew. Not long ago, I was showing them the ways of cool music that their friends would have never heard of. I always thought I was pretty on top of the music scene - even if I didn't like something. It appears I am mistaken.

A year or so ago, my sister gave us an empty hard drive and we filled it with all our music - good and bad (psssst....the bad stuff isn't mine. hint. hint. hint.). I think the kids dismissed most of it - and probably for good reason.

Matt - he's on his own path. At least with Katie, I still have some influence. A few weeks back she asked if it was Denton or myself who had all the Smiths music (duh!). But she is finding them and Aimee Mann to be extremely cool - which makes me extremely cool. Right? Her mother gave her the Clash and the Kinks.

For the last year or so, Katie has been using her MacBook to make YouTube videos. It's probably an even split of original material she's performing and covers. Like any artist - some of it works, some of it doesn't. I can't just love everything because I'm her favourite uncle now, can I? She knows what I like and what I don't.

I'm wanting to just give her a handful of songs I think she'd do great at covering - but I feel as much influence I think I have would fall on deaf ears. She's 17. She wouldn't listen to me about not doing "Walking in Memphis" and she won't listen now. (p.s I still think I was right! - horrid song!)

So anyhoo....sometime this week, she posted a new cover. A song I had never heard, by an artist I have never heard of: Missy Higgins. I searched out the original - and I still think I like Katie's better. ...and I don't think that is just a proud uncle talking.

Katie has the obvious embedded links to her other stuff - as is the norm for YouTube, so you can check out her other music. I think she did a neat job of covering "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on a ukulele. Maybe it is just a proud uncle talking.

Oh yeah - be forewarned, after some of the songs are over (or sometimes before they start), she babbles a bit. She can't help it. She's 17.

song by: Missy Higgins

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Anonymous said...

Wow. She's good! I hope she pursues this.