Monday, March 24, 2008

Do You Realize

Last Friday I went on a day-retreat with my department. It was all it was expected to be - uneventful and not as much bonding as one might think. Same old, same old.

Before we went, we were to do a Myers-Briggs test, which I always find to be a major waste of time. I cannot even tell you how many times I've taken a variation of the test (long version, short version, you name it) and I don't think I've ever had the same profile twice in a row.

For a long time I was an ESTJ, then the 'E' went to an 'I'. Now I'm back to the 'E' but the 'S' is now an 'N'. Did you follow all that? Allegedly I am now an ENTJ. The reality is, you can make yourself almost anything you want to with those things - depending on how you read the questions....or interpret them. I always go back to the SNL skit that said, "you can't put too much water in a nuclear reactor." Think about it.

I mean I couldn't answer truly answer 'You are almost never late for your appointments'. My big pet peeve is never being late for my appointments. I don't mind if others are (to a degree), but I am not. So, if I said 'yes', it means I am almost never late. If I said 'no' it could mean I am late as opposed to saying 'no, I am never late'.

I guess it is not surprise that the 'T' part of my rating was in a high percentage range. I probably over think.

Other ENTJs aren't all that great: Thatcher. Nixon. Napoleon. Whoopi and Newt! Crimeny! now and again you see a Bill Gates (better?), or Carl Sagan. The best one is Sigourney Weaver! At least I'm up there with the Keymaster.....or was it the Gatekeeper?

But as my man date from a few weeks ago pointed out, there is a link to a Men & Romance series index. Though it tells me (and other ENTJs) of my/our dating objectives and what kind of long-term partner I am looking for, it also tells me of my 'biggest problem': detaching clingy women who haven't gotten the message that he's moved on.

Yes, that is my biggest problem.

Needless to say, Scott and I were punchy and both in tears at our desk as he read this to me.

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Anonymous said...

As an ESFP all is have to say is....oh look a bunny

rebecca said...

So do you still love me? DO YOU???

rebecca said...

PS I think at last testing I was an ENTJ -- with ESP, TMJ, and TRL.