Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today's the Day

The Ohio and Texas primaries are today. And whomever will most likely clinch the democratic and republican nomination. Whoo-hoo....or YeeeHaw, as the case may be.

Maybe now, I won't have to get 5-10 calls per day from Cindy McCain, or John McCain's cellmate from the Hanoi Hilton. Ditto goes for Hillary, Barack, Kucinich and a plethora of other judges, assembly men, coroners and anyone else who can seemingly skirt the 'Do Not Call' guidelines.

I've already voted, so these calls are even more annoying. I can't change my vote - even if I wanted to. And no one has done anything to make me want to change.

Our next door neighbor, who ran for Attorney General of Ohio a few years back, asked if we would put Obama signs in our yard (as we have a busy corner lot a block from the polling station). Denton gave him the ok - which is fine. There aren't many at our old folks home who will be voting for Hillary - it's a Obama precinct. And I'm happy just to get people to vote.

They say there will be record numbers, but it is cold and very icy out today. ....that's a lotta broken hips on those seniors. But let's hope people come out in November - when it will count even more than it does today.

Song by: Aimee Mann

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