Saturday, March 15, 2008

Song for a Future Generation

I am sure I am shamelessly trying to recapture my youth - something I will most likely fail at miserably - but this morning I purchased tickets to see the B-52s at the House of Blues.

So far they are only scheduled to play 10 dates, and we're one of them. I almost had to do this, as I have never seen them before!!! Shut Up! I know!!!!!

And really, when will I have another chance?

I know they have a new disk coming out later this month (warning: expect to see it as a Record of the Month), but I'm sure the concert will be filled with classics. I don't mean "Love Shack", "Roam" or "Rock Lobster" (overdone) classics - though I'm sure they will play them - but I'm hoping for "Planet Claire", "Dance This Mess Around" "Legal Tender", "Housework" and "Mesopotamia".

If I don't have sit through their song from the Flintstones movie, I'll be ok.

But that did get me thinking - it's their first disk in 16 years, though that was Good Stuff, their only disk I never got. No Ricky. No Cindy. No good.

Now Cindy is back. And I do love her and Kate's harmonies. Fred is Fred and there's not much you can do with that voice. But I do love the girls.

So, I do go on-line exactly at 10a to buy the tix. Only General Admission floor are available. No seats....standing/dancing only. The old man in me came out and thought 'WTF', but then I thought, really - who is going to sit at a B-52s concert?

g-d, I hope it doesn't suck. I figure it will either be brilliant, or horrid. Probably no in-between.

Song by: the B-52s


Curtis said...

I'll meet you by the third pyramid.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for Deadbeat Club, their best song ever!

Blobby, you should try to be in DC the day the True Colors tour is there. B52s and lots more....

Anonymous said...

LOL Curtis!

I must admit to hating their new Funplex song. I so want to like it, but just can't.

Hearing their classics should be fun. A bunch of us saw them at Vets around 1990 - weren't you part of that, Blob? No sitting - lots 'o dancin'!

Blobby said...

No!!! I wasn't there.

Pat/Duane/Kip & crew probably didn't want me there! Sigh!!!!!

....though I can't discount that you made sure I wasn't invited. ya just never know.......

RJ March said...

The Str8 gut is HOT

RJ March said...

but i love str8 guts