Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Winner Takes It All

....though that should really be a question.

Hillary won Ohio by a 10% margin. Texas by a slimmer lead - though the caucuses there are still up for the delegates. ....which I just don't get. Have the caucus or the primary. How can you win one and/or the other and not be declared the winner? Oh yeah, she won Rhode Island too.

He's got more delegates. She has more super-delegates. Whatever! I don't think anyone should need a political science degree to figure out our electoral system.

An Obama win of the nomination at this point will be like Bush winning the general election. Yeah, he'll claim it as a victory, but 2-5% buffer isn't an overwhelming anything.

Yeah, I voted for Hill, but I'd vote for Obama in the general if it comes to that. Time will tell.

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