Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Hungry

Still not a lot to say for me. Sorry about that. Work and not much else going on.

Travel troubles in the skies, with all of those gosh darn planes being grounded for mechanical failure...or potential failure. It left many of us with canceled flights and scrambling for alternative travels and carriers.

I'm was not a fan of American Airlines before and even less so now. I do still like Continental though.

But my boss and I were in Kansas City (KS, not MO). We dined on very very regional fare: KC Masterpiece (the surname, as Morty pointed out, would be a good porn name). Apparently it is not just barbecue sauce you buy in the grocery store.

The food? HORRID. Ok, maybe that's a tad bit harsh, but it weren't good. And the service was a joke. Almost literally. If I may.........

Blobby: What kind of beer is Fat Tire?
Waitress: Local. I think. (it's not)
Blobby: Yes, but what kind is it
Waitress: LOCAL!


But then there was my boss' interaction:

Waitress: the special is Texas sausage
Boss: what is Texas sausage
Waitress: it's good

I think we should have just gone to Panera.

Song by: the Sugarcubes

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