Thursday, March 13, 2008


It does make the people come together. Apparently, just not at Borders.

I really wanted to call this 'the day the music died' - but it's not a song title. I guess I could have gone with 'American Pie'.......but I didn't.

Two days ago I walked into a Borders for the first time in a long long time. Here is what I saw:

Rows and rows and rows of empty cases of what used to hold music.

There was no rearranging going on. It is not like they were moving compact disks from point A to point B in the store. Nope - this was 100% pure consolidation. They had literally got Blues, Rock, Classical, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Folk and International down to about 2-3 of these cases. There had used to be 2 dozen or so. No more. No more.

I don't know if it is Border's business model that sucks so badly or if iTunes' is just that good. I don't really think it is either. The music business is hurting - in sales and in talent....but not in that order.

Music sales are down 11.3% from this time last year - which is about the same from the time a year before that. That's all music - downloaded and from brick & mortar (no Becky - not Mordor!). But they are down because the labels continually put out crap. So.Very.Sad.

Borders might have to focus more on books. I know of a good one coming out in a month or so.

Song by: Madonna

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