Monday, March 03, 2008

Run Baby Run

Lyndon LaRouche
is not running for president. Who knew?

Not me. And though I came across this at BWI last Friday, it still wasn't clear if he was or was not running . I mean, the man has thrown his hat into the ring more often than Pat Paulsen........but fewer than Ralph Nader. (a scan around the web tells me he's indeed not running.)

I was just strolling from the shuttle stop to the security check-point when I saw a guy manning the "booth". My first thought was - 'wow - I haven't seen something like this in an airport for a long time, kind of like Moonies or Hare Krishnas'.

My immediate second thought was - 'wow - how did someone in airport administration approve something like this in an airport?'

But I was walking by him and he nodded and I did back, mostly because of the 'send Bush to Rehab' thinking, they left out the word 'back'.

Of course, Larouche isn't running against Bush - so it kind of makes no sense. No one is going to impeach the bastard and certainly not with less than a year to go before he's out. So where/why are they sending him anywhere? ....well, I kind of know 'why'.

What really caught my eye though was the Bloomberg/Cheney comment. It irked me for about 50 paces. Enough for me to actually go back, dig through my computer bag, get out my camera and snap the pic (just for you, people!).

I have no illusions that any politician is what he/she says they are. They are not to be trusted in the bigger picture. But seriously - who is more evil than Cheney? LaRouche is a loon though. More so than most.

I can only assume that the Bloomberg comment is driven by Lyndon's anti-Semitism - which has been well documented over the years.

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go his website to see what was what. And what is, well, is just nutso!!!

Most of the articles are directed to or about Bloomberg, whom he refers to as 'Mussolini Bloomberg' or 'Benito Bloomberg', but there are some other doozies:

'The British have Obama by the Short Hairs' and 'How Green Were the Nazis'. Some Gooooogle new articles have LaRouche blaming the NIU killings on Microsoft. Now as much of an Apple geek that I can be, even I have an impossible time with that one.

I have been so tired of the 2008 election season for so long, it would be a shame if Lyndon didn't get into the running. The race needs a kook like this to liven things up a bit. I'd be all for him being in every televised debate up until November 2008.

He would definitely make it seem like the true choices we had were more sane than ever before thought. Is Ross Perot still alive? If so, it could be a dream ticket.

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