Saturday, July 06, 2024


As you've read, it is a partial trip week. Some of the pics are here. Some probably saved for another week.  

Watching people walk to the American Falls. 

It's SO bright!!!

Shep, allegedly watching me leave for a run.  ....that's at least what 710 told me. 

Mr. Manipulator. 

Now he shows affection when I'm making a meal. He's never rubbed me any other time. 
Just like all men!

Shep at Horseshoe Falls

Song by: Death Cab for Cutie


Morty said...

Adorables! Glad you boys were able to get away.

Raybeard said...

I got chuckles galore from this week's post - a Shep and Simon rich one! Ta, muchly!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Shep takes a vacation, I like, Simon doesn’t seem to care.

Happyman said...

Simon needs some sunnies. Shep is handsome in all settings.

Travel said...

Thanks we needed these.

Old Lurker said...

They do say the way to a cat's heart is through his stomach.

(Glad you didn't hurl yourself over Niagara Falls, or visit Michigan.)