Thursday, July 11, 2024


I'd say the day got away from me, but it didn't. 

I'm lazy.  Period. 

I 'read' a headline that Pelosi thinks Pappy Joe should step down from the 2024 election. The 193 year old former Speaker of the House says so. 

Naturally, I read none of the article.  710 said that George Clooney wrote an op ed piece somewhere (the Hollywood Reporter????) saying something similar. 

For all the beef the dems get about the Hollywood influence, maybe it's best not to take heed from the guy who arguably played the second to worst Batman ever. 

Either way, this seems like bad news for Pappy Joe. 

We discussed on our Sunday call the step-down scenario. Becky kind of hit the nail on the head with the DNC HAD forced Pappy Joe on us in 2016 - and maybe we should be taking prompts from the GOP.  They are going all in with a felon who has repeatedly lied, has cognitive issues too, has cheated charities out of money, has left this country morally bankrupt - but the Dems can't do the same for Joe? 

The problem is: it's been two weeks now of this should he / shouldn't he bullshit, and all the while Joe is sinking in the polls. 

None of this bode well for us non-Nazis. 

I feel that we are fucked. Big time. 

Song by: the Cure


James Dwight Williamson said...

He will be virtually confirmed on July 21st. He is the sitting President and he has the votes. No one of consequence has stepped forward, yet Bernie’s fellow senator from Vermont and several as old as Trump or Biden saying he is too old, Nancy isn’t speaker anymore and she is quite wishy washy. Hakeem Jeffries doesn’t understand that you lose the presidency , you lose the house and senate, dope and abortion or not . CNN CEO , the debates sponsor never cared who won the debate as long as it was someone who would lower rates for rich guys. I know personally people 100 I n number that have cancelled the bullying New York Times. They didn’t want to lose WORDLE but gave in. I maxed out my donations to Joe yesterday , but I’m loyal like a dog.

Old Lurker said...

I imagine Simon is pleased?

Trust the Dems to make every race competitive. Trump and the GOP must be thrilled that all the focus is on Biden. The rest of us knew Biden was too old well before he started campaigning for re-election. Why are the Dems only having this conversation now?