Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Ad of the Month

It's difficult to support "free speech" and capitalism at times. 

These times. 

The image to your left popped up in my Instagram feed. 

I have spent a LOT of time in Meta blocking or hiding groups, ads, etc for hate groups, political ads, political party clothing and accessories - and now hate related businesses. 

Perhaps Certified White Boy doesn't appreciate irony, but as they are seemingly based in Detroit, which has - for my lifetime - been stigmatized as town with the majority being people of colour. 

Detroit is now home to the largest population of Arab Americans. 

That that white boys!

As my friend Jon pointed out - they have 87,000 followers. Which is just frightening - and this is only on IG. Who knows about the other platforms.  

How they weaseled their way into my algorithm is anyone's guess. Perhaps attempting to block other GOP and hate related shit isn't a great methodology. Maybe it just opens the door to like-minded organizations. 

I know it goes absolutely nowhere, but not only do I block the ads/feed (when I can), but I mark them as beeing Scams or Offensive. If it takes a Meta worker even a minute to look into it and waste their time, I'm all for it. 

For the record, no links were ever clicked on, nor am I hyperlinking anything here. 

Fuck them. Fuck their cohort. 

But mostly - fuck them. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Fuck them , and not in the classic loving passionate way with reciprocation.

Travel said...

If Meta - wants to make the world a better place, they need to make it possible for me to block the hate and not have it reappear a few days later - often under a slightly different name. Google needs to block the commenters that I report as SPAM.