Wednesday, July 10, 2024


It's true.  100%.

Last evening I did a 4 mile run. 

No biggie, right?   

Of course it's a biggie. I can run four miles, but you know I'm not a natural at running. I never have been. I never will be. 

Still, I work at it. CONSTANTLY. 

I was running with my running group on Sunday and a really good runner from the training group passed me as he was biking - and acknowledged me. 

It's totally petty, but I liked he saw me out there running not just with the training group. And that I was working on this more than the two days per week he runs with me. 

It's like middle and high school all over again. Wanting that acceptance from the cool kids. 

While the temp last evening was "only" 79, the humidity was 91%.  It. Was. Miserable. 

My thought was, I can do anything for four miles - and I can, but at a cost. At the 1.5 mark, my asthma semi kicked in. It took me another half mile to recalibrate my breath, but I lost some of my mojo. 

I no longer carry my inhaler with me - and haven't for almost a year. With the endruance running, the meds make me extremely lightheaded. I end up feeling crappier than before. And usually I can regulate my breath. 

Still, it was hilly. And hot. 

My shirt was soaked to the bone. My shorts were dripping. 

On weekends, I've learned to bring a change of clothing. I did no such think on a Tuesday, as they are generally shorter runs. I've heard the term 'swamp ass' and now I think I know exactly what it is. 

Everything was soaking. 


Dude with a Sign is right. When I got home and peeled off my shorts before hitting the showers?  PeeeeeU. 

I wasn't the last of the four mile crew in, but I was close. But I passed all but two of the people doing only three miles, so there's kind of an upshot. 

For a visual, after my shower, I stood in front of a fan for a few minutes while still trying to cool down. 

Song by: Amy Rigby


Travel said...

Glad we don't have smell-a-blogs.

GregM said...

So... you'll upload pics later? ;)

James Dwight Williamson said...

Cruex or Baby powder, I’d like to see your schwing.Runner Guy . Pictures welcome especially the fan one, orbs are my fascination.

Old Lurker said...

Running four miles in 91% humidity while suffering an asthma attack? You don't have a problem.

I am glad you are turning into the popular kid at running club. Maybe somebody will ask you out to the prom?