Sunday, July 07, 2024

These Are the Days

Yes. A running post. 

I was going to avoid it, then found myself with nothing else to write. 

I had a race on July 4th - nothing of note, I would suspect. 

It was a 5 mile run. Normally drawing 600 folks, plus another 500 for a mile walk event. 

This race was put on by my running club (not training club). As I really do like this group, and I was going to be in town, how could I not either race it or volunteer for it? 

I think I chose wisely. 

As it turned out, a few hundred people registered the day before the event. They ran out of shirts and bibs! They seemingly had enough 'medals'*. 

On the ride over, it POURED. But not hard enough it would seem. The not enough rain took the humidity into the high 80s. I was super sticky even before heading to the starting line. 

As it was a July 4th event, tied into this communities festival for independence day, it was very family oriented. So, there were a lot of 7-10 year olds running. I was thrilled they didn't allow for bibs for under 7. I hate being 'beat' by toddler who are pushed in strollers by their super-athletic 27 year old dads. 

The heat and humidity was cruel. I was having a little PTSD from the Cleveland Marathon-like weather. 

The route was very community oriented. All the roads were lined with nice houses and so many people out cheering folks on. Better yet, so many had sprinklers and hoses going to spray down the runners. I think I ran through most of them. 

A running group guy asked if I was going for any record. I wasn't. But I almost made it. I was about 34 seconds off a PR. But 34 seconds in running can be a huge thing. It was not meant to be. But in my age group - and in all age and gender groups - I was middle of the pack. As it turns out, there was some seriously fast old farts in that race. I think I was 12 of 27. 

Every age group (male) winner from 7-45 did the five miles in under 30 minutes. The overall winner being under 25 minutes (or under 5 minutes per mile!).  And while I can't, and shouldn't, compare myself to them - it is tough. But he was 40 years younger than I !!!!

It was ok, though I was glad to get in my air conditioned car.  

I only have one more race for July - and it's a charity / memorial thing. Only about 120 participants - and in the cemetery for whom the race is dedicated.  It's 3 miles. 

After that, I have committed to zero races for the rest of the year. I know there will be some, but not sure which............or when. 

Fall marathon training started yesterday. I should probably select one soon. 

*the medal was a Rubik's Cube made out of the event 

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Old Lurker said...

Being lapped by toddlers is so embarrassing.

Travel said...

My first race, the man who finished just in front of me, was celebrating his 80th birthday, I was 50 years younger and felt great to be finishing under my own power.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Keep it up 👍 keep doing the good 😊 fight