Monday, July 01, 2024

My Music Monday

No theme for July - I can't and won't be bothered. 

For today, I'm doing something I tripped upon earlier in the week. It's a cover of Toto's "Africa". 

For the record, I purchased Toto's first 45 - "Hold the Line" - way back when. I liked it then and now. But overall, I purchased nothing else. The band has a decent liberry:  "Rosanna", "99", "Stranger in Town" - and others on which I'm blanking. 

The band was made up of studio musicians who would sometimes played together on other people's records and finally got together to create their own. 

"Africa" was a pretty big hit for them back in 1982!. You might not love it, but it's pretty hard to dislike.  In 2018 (?), Weezer did pretty much a note-by-note cover and did it well.

The below version is mostly audience participation at multiple venues in Australia. I'd say 90% of the people at the sing-a-long are oldsters........and then I realized they were probably my age, since I was all of 19 when this song came out. So were they. 

If I have any criticism of this is someone on stage feeling the need to do a vocal. It should have all been left to the audience. 

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Ur-spo said...

this is marvelous
This sort of stuff make me feel good when I am feeling down.
thank you