Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Blues of Desperation

As promised, I did not watch the debates. As also promised, I attempted to avoid news and social media coverage - but as predicted, total avoidance was impossible. 

Again, it's mostly just headlines, but it all just seems so tragic............for Pappy Joe, and then, in turn, for us.  ....cuz if he loses, we are fucked. 

Some big media has been speculating on him dropping out of the race, which would have been fine, two years ago. Who the fuck could they get to take his place. The DNC seems to have no succession plan, because it certainly can't be Harris, the Casper of VPs. 

And I'm not sure how they get around throwing us a candidate who hasn't been through the primary process and who might not even be eligible to be on any ballots at this point. 

Then I saw the NYT headline of Pappy's Joe's family encouraging him to stay in the race. 

If true - it's tragic that's the veracity of the candidate. If it's just a story, it reeks of desperation. And by all accounts from his post-debate rhetoric and spin, it is desperate. 

You know how I said I was happy the debates were this far ahead of the election and not three weeks before?  Fuck - at least now he has some repair time. If this happened September and October, Vonshitzinpantz would win by a landslide. 

The above text / poll just smells of passing a note in study hall?   "Do you still like Joe?"  Yes or No

Vonshitzhispantz literally shits his pants and is clearly cognitively impaired and Joe STILL looks like the addled one. 

BTW Joe - STOP using the word 'malarkey' in your fucking ads. The word went the way of the dodo. It was ancient when my father used it to / at me 50 years ago!

As for the unsolicited texted poll, I don't need your passive-aggressive shit on "if you don't answer, that means you like BLOTUS".    Suck.  My.  Dick. 

I didn't give them the satisfaction of clicking their link, let alone answering their poll. 

STOP BEING SO FUCKING FRAIL.  You're not moving any BLOTUS voters to you. At this point, you need to stop the bleeding from your own camp. 

If some presidential immunity is in place (thanks a lot SCOTUS):  USE IT to your advantage.  Now! 

This just sucks balls.   .....and not in a good way. 

Song by: Joe Bonamassa


Old Lurker said...

"If you don't answer, we don't get confirmation of your number for our marketing machine", more like.

Like, what happened with Kamala Harris? Did she just no do much, or did she just not get media attention for what she did, or did she mess things up, or what?

James Dwight Williamson said...

Any Donation thru Act Blue Express buys you a plethora of desperate ads. I know the NYT is a bunch of Desperate asswipes and CNN should be taken off the air. No fact checking until after midnight on the biggest liar in the world. That is reason enough for me to say Dana and Jake are worthless and they essentially gave Liar Fatso another free town hall.