Monday, September 29, 2008

No Song Title Today - Just Funny

Since I was traveling, I missed this when it originally aired. The SNL/Sarah Palin thing continues and Tina Fey is knocking it out of the park.

This segment is so much funnier than the initial outing a few weeks ago.

I'm sure every other blogger in the universe is posting this as well - but I'm a follower, so sue me.

Though Amy Poehler is good, her blinking was as distracting as when Katie Couric was doing it. Fey is absolutely terrific. The mix of direct Palin quotes with clear embellishments is flawless and funny - which is so not SNL.

I'm sure Fey is hoping Palin won't win so she can stop doing double-duty, but until the election, she might be stuck.

The video originally was slow to buffer and get through the 6 minutes, but maybe you'll all have better luck. It's worth it, eventually.

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