Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He's a Runner

I'm really just blogging this morning to give props to Morty - he's more than a runner. He's an Ironman! Not like Robert Downey Jr. More like Mark Spitz, Lance Armstrong and Flo Jo all wrapped up into one. If you take into account his hair, he's probably more like Bruce Jenner.

Seriously, this is a man who has done 25 marathons, or so. Impressive in it's own right - no? But this last weekend he did a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike race on top of that run. Not in that order. The run came last.

All done in 12.5 hours. I'd still be on the swim. ...and I'd puke, which he didn't.

I think it's great he did it and so very proud of him. I can do the bike ride (probably) but not much else.

The only thing more insane than actually doing one of these, is doing another.....which he is planning. Well, I guess it's a better diversion than drugs, alcohol or internet porn.


Song by: Jonatha Brooke


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, it was nothin'.

I haven't stopped eating since I finished. And I think I'm getting cake from my work peeps at lunch - BONUS!

rebecca said...

Morty will have to tell us if this was better than those other diversions!

We are so proud and NOT WORTHY! Morty rocks!

Blobby said...

Cake is about the only reason I can think of ever taking running back up. I loathed it.