Monday, September 15, 2008


Can I say how impressed I am with Ike?

Yeah, that sounds weird to say, but here it is about 24 hours after it made landfall and his remnants are already up here in NE Ohio. Rain rain and more rain (which we need) but the winds are incredible. 60-65 miles per hour gusts.

I worry about our 90 foot oak behind us on days like this, but whatta gonna do? As long as Denton and the kitties are unharmed, it's all I care about. Everything else can be repaired. My heart couldn't be.

It's a sleepless night. And who knows I'll get out for DC in the morning. I see no way where my flight won't be delayed. But it's early - as you can see. They won't probably tell me until I'm on the way to the airport. But as fast as Ike moves in, I can only assume it he will move out just as quickly.

Hopefully the weather won't follow me there.....but you never know.

Song by: Neil Young

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Birdie said...

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.