Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I thought I'd take a minute to acknowledge the passing of Large Tony's blog. Yes, he's tall, but that is not why he's "large". Allegedly.

No, it's not because he died - but the blog did. Yesterday he wrapped it up and had it put to sleep. Unlike some of us (i.e. me!!!), he chose to not overstay his welcome.

I've never met Tony, but read him consistently and commented on some of his posts. He and I would even exchange a few emails over his or my posts. Tony even offered for me to do a guest post on his blog which I never followed-up on. Shame on me. Though he told me I'd 'puss out'.

I didn't do that as much as not have a good enough of a topic to expound upon. Oh - the pressure. Then time just kind of got away, and clearly now has run out. Shame on me, indeed.

Tony had some great posts, but I always suspected he wasn't the rube he sort of led you to believe he was. Many of his posts were extremely well constructed. They were well crafted, sweet, poignant and sometimes just downright racy. Boring too - if you don't give a shit about Tennessee football, that is. I wouldn't say his posts not not suitable for work - but some aren't for the faint of heart.

He is keeping his site up, at least for awhile, so I will keep him in my blogroll as well. It also seems fitting to give him a blog post song title from an artist from Tennessee.

Goodbye, Tony. Good luck.

Song by: Emmylou Harris

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Anonymous said...

It seems that Tony made friends with a few present and former North Coasters.
UCLA beat the Vols last week.I'm sure he's not a happy camper.
He will be missed.