Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brown Eyes

Take a look at the are getting sleepy.....very sleepy.....

Actually it's not a hypnosis machine. It's not even the time travel gizmo from Austin Powers. Honest to g-d, it is something they used at the doctor's office to look at my eyeballs for my exam and the possibility of wearing contacts........again.

Last time I got fitted for contacts they didn't have such a contraption. Oddly enough, some of my other exam was much more primitive - cardboard with letters or making a triangle out of my two hands to see if I was right or left eye dominant. (I'm left - for the record.)

My vision benefits suck, but damned if I wasn't going to use them at least for my exam. I'll milk every frickin' dollar out of these guys that I can. I mean - I am paying for it, right?

My prescription has not changed at all in two years - not too bad. As I always assumed I was not so slowly going blind (must have been from all of that self-love I performed as a teen......and as an adult), it was nice to see and hear that things are no longer progressing that way.

It has also been years since I've worn contacts and I just kind of want to see if I can do it without irritating my eyes again. But since that last time, I've moved into bi-focals. Yes, I'm old - I get it! So we are trying bi-focal contacts. Sometimes they give one for near and one for far sightedness. But these are actually bi-focal lenses, so we'll see how they go.

I don't have them in, since my pupils are the size of dinner plates thanks to the dilation. If it were another year, one might think I was high. But I'm not.

Oh and yes - my eyes are brown.

Song by: Camper Van Beethoven

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Anonymous said...

You will like the bifocal contacts MUCH better than the left/close right/far kind. They work very well.