Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dreamboat Annie

Have you seen or heard about the email from Wasilla, AK resident, Anne Kilkenny? It's making all the blogs (clearly - I am days behind!) and the viral rounds.

What starts off as a seemingly nice enough letter to her friends about what she knows about Palin, as they live(d) in the same town, turns into a pretty scathing diatribe about the current Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate for the GOP.

NPR had a report on Anne, more so than the email. Actually, they don't read word one from the email, just the impact it is having. Forget the media attention - and there's lot of it, I can only imagine focus of the townsfolk on her. She can't be a hugely popular figure. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she said what others in town are too afraid to state.

I love that this letter will make Eileen Flowers pissed off. As pissed off as one of the nicest ladies in the state can get, that is. Yes, Mrs. Flowers - you see how Sarah Palin treats librarians. I will assume you can help the democrats win the Librarian Coalition.

I only have one issue really with this letter. Though it is not said here, apparently the original that went out said to feel free to pass it on to others, but Ms Kilkenny was hoping it would not make it on to the web - at least that's what NPR reported.

I'm just not so sure of that. Is Anne bitter at Sarah - and is this just payback? I don't give a shit, if even half the facts in the email are true. Anything more is just gravy.

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rebecca said...

Eileen is NOT happy!