Monday, September 01, 2008

Believe Me Baby (I Lied)

The Daily Kos has a potentially explosive story regarding Sarah Palin's youngest child. It might be her 16 year old daughters!!!!!!!!

Sure, in ways I so want this to be true. And I haven't know the Kos to go so far over the top to have such false inflammatory stories. But how great would it be if McCain so fucked up on vetting his VP choice that they missed the classic Kentucky/West Virgina trick of raising your grandchild as your own? It'd be off the charts great. That's how.

Granted, they could pull off the 'pro-life' item saying that their daughter didn't abort, but where would that leave her on family values, sex education and abstinence? Better yet, where would it leave him on his decision-making abilities?

He can't come back and say, "I knew" - now when they know this stuff could get out. Not when you let her try to pull off this alleged lie.

I just don't know if any of this is true - but like I said, it would be great if it were. But I can't imagine who it went this unnoticed.

Update: Oh well, clearly not true as they tried to bury the news during a major hurricane that her unmarried, teenage daughter is now pregnant. But she's getting married - and I'm sure it is because she's in LOVE!!! Because every 17 year old knows 'true love' at that age. ...and not just because it will ruin the family values, no abortion platform the GOP is so famous for.

And where I'd like to take credit for the following - I cannot. I saw it at Milky White Goodness and had to share. I can be a pretty hard nut, so it takes a lot for some web stuff to make me smile, let alone laugh aloud. So here it is - a little Separated @ Birth for you:

Song by: Tricia Yearwood

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RJ March said...

I see a little Tina Fey, too.

Isn't it all pandering and posturing? Nothing seems genuine in this race.

Not even Cindi (Loo-Who?) parroting her husband's wise line, "It's time to take off the Republican hats and put on our American hats..." Wait, wasn't that from Thirty Rock?