Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mayor of Simpleton

Ed Koch has endorsed Obama!!!

I know - you're thinking, "so?". But it isn't really. For all his faults, Ed spoke his mind - right or wrong and it was all about equal in my book.

But in 2004 he endorsed W - which made me completely question him. I didn't agree with him, and why would I? That being said - as I've said many a-time here, I didn't vote for carry as much as I voted against Bush. Koch made the decision that he couldn't in good conscience vote for Kerry.

People derided him for not voting with his party, but I too think that's hooey. I would like to think that if the GOP ever had a candidate worth voting for, I would. Just not in my voting lifetime has there been one that wouldn't have kept me up at night.

So in yesterday's New York Times, there was a follow-up article to Koch's endorsement of Obama. It was his response to people who wrote to him regarding this siding of a democrat. You can read the entire article here, or just the highlights (or what I think are highlights) below.

(sorry NYT if I'm doing any copywrite infringement. I have no money, so don't come after me. And I feel you owe me after that entire Judith Miller debacle from a few years back. You owe all of us!)

“I believe you made the wrong decision. ... I just pray that whoever wins is the choosing of our Lord.”

“I really don’t believe God chooses our candidates and winners. If that were the case, how did Hitler win? He was elected in a democratic election before the dictatorship. So let’s leave God out of this.”

“No one believes you are really endorsing Obama out of a sincere belief that he is the better candidate after you endorsed Bush in ’04.”

“How foolish of you. ... The fact that I exercised independence of my party then is surely relevant and establishes that I vote my conscience.”

“If Sarah Palin’s experience scares you, Obama’s lack of experience, and lack of executive responsibilities, should horrify you. However, knowing your liberal left ideology, I understand your endorsement.”

“Although Obama is not a crackpot like Palin, his experience is the equivalent of Palin’s."

There was something else in there about Obama being a 'community organizer' and Palin being 'mayor'. But as I heard on some radio show the other day - directed to Palin: "remember - Jebus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate (or pilates, as I would call him) was a mayor."

If you care about such shit. I don't - but it is a good taste of her own medicine.

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