Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Duel

I know, this blog is becoming a kind of repeat of the Fall of 2004. More political or political-lite pieces than the other times that are not presidential election years. Maybe that's the way it should be - but it certainly gets away from 'stuff & nonsense'.

Sorry - only like eight more weeks to the election and then the inevitable three weeks of McCain suing Obama (or vice versa) until Roberts & Co determine another presidential erection election. Then I'll be back to more stupid-ass posts.

Below is a screen capture of an interactive map that the New York Times has on their web site that tracks, via polling, how states are leaning in terms of electoral votes (you can click on it to make it larger). As always, the blues seem under-represented, but that is number of states, not electoral votes.

But just going by the solid and leaning numbers, Obama is much closer than Palin McCain. As predicted, Ohio is a "tossup" which means tons more ads and candidate visits than most of the other states. This is not the kind of attention we really want. And yes, I'm speaking for all 7 million of us (and dwindeling).

I really find it amusing that anyone in Ohio would consider the GOP. We are in such sorry shape economically over the past 8 years, I don't think most are better off than they were pre-Bush. How do they truly think this will turn around with more Republicans in office? My $0.02.

Anyway, the map is pretty cool. Click on a state and it will tell you how many electoral votes the state has, recent polling data and the election history for the past five presidential races. It also tells you the current make up of state government (governor, senators, etc).

On a side note, my 15 yo nephew claims the NYT to be liberally biased. I won't necessarily discount that - but in reality, he has no way of knowing, as he's never read it. Two weeks ago, I took out a Sunday edition to him and plopped it in front of him. I told him to read it and show me how many were liberally biased articles and to tell me what the threshold is of how he made a determination of what is liberal and what is not.

I doubt I'll get a report back. But it made his father laugh that someone called his son on it. Mind you - chances are that the nephew got his views on this from his parents and where he grew up (which is the same place I did) - and it is a highly red area. But I just see it to be my responsibility to help educate him and at least question what he's hearing.

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RJ March said...

Allison Moorer. Uncanny.

Everybody is politicking. I can only handle so much. Two of my three reads are nothing but liberal vitriol. Thank god for Fox News. For the laugh-factor.