Monday, May 05, 2008

Site of the Month

This site, The Daily Puppy, will delight Dity, but might drive Becca batty. But that's ok - she's sent her dogs to 'farms upstate'. Oh poor mighty Isis!!! No, this isn't a site for Ms. Rebecca.

You see, Dity has her beloved dog - as do Jon and Morty. We have our cats. But animal talk, via email, can push Becky over the edge faster than when we have electronic discussions about automobiles. Oddly enough - this is more frequent than any of you might imagine.

With me, I tune out almost immediately when it is about knitting.

We all have our hot buttons.

But isn't Sydney, but in the picture, just adorable? He (or she) is a Miniature Australian Shepard. My sister has one - though I'll break family ranks to say Boomer isn't this cute. And Sydney seems better behaved. I don't think he probably eats dog bowls, every outdoor plant or cushions to their outdoor furniture. Or the tubes from their house to their air conditioner compressor. I'm not talking chewing...I'm talking EATING.

But at least he/she is adorable. And that's what counts - right? Nothing to be sent to a 'farm' for.


RJ March said...

We were praising ourselves yesterday for having a dog instead of children.

Cute dog.

rebecca said...

Sigh. On the blog, too? IS NO PLACE SACRED???

That's a cute doggie, though.