Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About Chemistry

I was reading the NYT on Sunday morning, with the TV on, as we normally do. Mind you - our Sunday morning routine is usually breakfast, papers, coffee (not for me, thank you) and occasionally flipping back and forth between HGTV or Food Network (hehe, I just typed 'foot network').

While not really paying attention to the show, almost out of my peripheray, I see something that makes me get the DVR remote and hit rewind.

I know it is a small step for gays everywhere, but it is out there and I loved it - and on multiple levels.

Obviously, I liked that even produced the ad and that they have same sex dating criteria. jdate has finally done something similar with that too.

I liked that the ad is almost under the radar and wouldn't gross out middle america - though maybe I'm not a good judge of what middle america actually is and what their tolerance level might be.

I also liked that those are the type of vows I would want at my commitment ceremony, and if it is in front of a butcher counter, mores the better. And I am very down with the 'cilantro' issue.

It certainly make sense that this airs on Food TV and HGTV, as they often have gay men or couples on any of their cooking shows, but often on House Hunters. It might air on other networks, but I haven't seen it.....yet.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! I'm waiting to see it on the Spike network. Or Pax.