Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Black Parade

Becky was asking the other week what (y)our favourite fair ride is or was.

It was a bit tongue in cheek - as they all pretty much suck. Amusement parks are different. Fair rides are bit scary. I think they were even scary when I was a kid.

But whomever you are, it probably wasn't this one.

Someone should tell the manufacturer that he had no need for that 's'. ....think about it.....

For the second time in three years (and the second time in about 30 years) we went to Blossom Time....for that frickin' parade! Talked into by my little sister to take my niece and nephews to the cavalcade of crap. Let's just say - never again.

There is almost nothing redeeming about a parade.

Except this

and him

and him again.

Song by: My Chemical Romance


RJ March said...

"and him again"

and again and again and again, please.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the guys featured has a "wedding band" to which I say great eye Blobby!