Monday, May 12, 2008


On a whim, this weekend I went and test drove a Prius. I've been in one a few times and they are surprisingly roomy. I can sit in the back seat for a few hour drive with plenty of head and leg room.

The visit to the dealer was in response to my car breakdown the other week, the fact that the warranty and roadside assistance is up in a few months - and that gas here in NE Ohio is at a whopping $3.79/gallon. I thought it would be at least worth it to take a look.

...and as Aimee Mann sings on her soon to be released disk, "you've got a lot of money, but can't afford the freeway". (you can stream the song from her website.)

But worth is a funny thing. What is my time worth? Clearly way too much for the likes of a sleazy car salesman. Poor Jordan, the salesguy, tried hard too win me over by trying to bond for with him. He was adopted at 2, is Korean and just got out of the army and moved from Los Angeles to be with his girlfriend who is going to music school. Like I gave a flying fuck!

5 minutes wasted, though it seemed longer.

The cost-breakdown of the models - after I told him I'm not looking to buy or order today, just test drive.

5 minutes lost.

Then he gave me a lightening speed course in Economics 101: supply and demand. How long it takes to get the cars because they ARE in demand, but they had 'rented' cars that could be purchased. I couldn't get from him what 'rented' meant. He said they weren't leased cars or demos....or used. So what the fuck are they? If I wanted to buy one, it would be a six month way, because of the supply. (what he didn't say was the 2009 models - completely redone (see above pic) will be out by then.)

7 minutes down the tubes.

What color car did I want to test drive? I told him I didn't care and why would it matter - as it was a test drive, not a sale. To which he replied, 'oh we don't have a car to let me leave with today anyway' to which I had to reiterate, I was only looking for a test drive, not a sale. Jordon had to 'go to the back to get the car'....he'd be back in 5-10 minutes.

I'm assuming he just went out back for a cigarette, since he came back reeking of smoke - oh, and the car we test drove was sitting right out front - the same place it was when I walked in the fucking door at least 17 minutes earlier.

10 minutes pissed away.

The test drive....through Cleveland Heights, which has no freeways....and no streets that you can go faster than 35 mph. It wasn't the test drive one dreams about for opening up the car for an all inclusive ride. It was kind of tame.

On the plus side, I did get to ride behind this guy (click on image to make it bigger). Who knew the King of Gondor would make his way around in a PT Cruiser?

15 more minutes.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), he had a customer waiting for him when we returned, so I could make a quick getaway.

I really liked the ride and the car, though it is very disconcerting when you stop and the battery really kicks in. It feels/sounds like the car has stalled.

The price was not bad at all. I would seriously consider it, but I will not get it from this dealership. The next one I'll go into and tell them about these guys and how the first hint of that kind of treatment, I walk.

And that is all an IF I get one....or dump Viggo. Like I said, it was just a whim.

Song by: Aimee Mann

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