Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Know But I Don't Know

I know I made Parallel Lines one of my Record of the Month postings about 20 months ago, and I'm back to post about it again.

I'm not necessarily re-writing this as a Record of the Month - there is too much music out there not to comment on - good and bad.

But this is one of the 'oh fuck, am I old' posts. Blondie's disk is hitting its 30th anniversary. THIRTY!!!!!

That means I was the hippest 14 year old of anyone I knew and not because I owned it. But because Parallel Lines was not the first Blondie disk I ever purchased means I was the hippest 12-13 years old of anyone I knew! (I didn't know Jon then!) I was considered an outcast by my peers (as if I had any!) because I wouldn't listen to the Doobie Brothers or Aerosmith. (I said.....I didn't know Jon then!!!)

It's easy to spout off the songs you know - "Heart of Glass" or that Swiffer song, "One Way or Another" - but it really is the non-radio songs that still get to me: "Fade Away and Radiate", "Picture This" and "Just Go Away" - all great!

Well Blondie is re-re- releasing the disk
. About 6 years ago, they put out a remastered version, which was far superior to the original cd release. The soon to be new one has bonus tracks and a DVD. I probably won't get it - I rarely watch those DVD adds and I have two of the four songs of the bonus tracks.

But the disk is really nice to go back and visit. On my iPod, I always have a healthy selection of Blondie songs. They never get old to me. Clearly - after 30+ years, I would have grown bored of them by now. The beauty is - the songs were with their time and ahead of their time all at once. They still are.

Song by: Blondie

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