Saturday, May 10, 2008

Love is the Drug

Oh no!!!! The pope says that sex is like a drug!!!!

Fuck - let's hope so!!! It's not like I have any other vices left - unless you count food and chocolate.

Actually CNN says the pope says that. If you really look/listen further into the text/quote, he says it, but not in the context to which you (or I) think.

When talking about THE church's 40th anniversary on their document that condems contraception, Benedict expressed concern that human life risks losing its value in today's culture, and worried that sex could "transform itself into a drug" that one partner had to have even against the will of the other.

Well, that's just rape. Or manipulation. I'm sure the catholic church wouldn't know anything about that!

I was really hoping for a story on sex addiction or something.....which usually include rape, manipulation and an altar boy or priest. What? Too sweeping of a generalization?

On an unrelated note (or is it) - some naval rear admiral (hehe, I said 'rear') was demoted and fired for having an affair 18 YEARS ago!!!!

Are you fucking kidding me??

Oh - and he nailed the broad in the White House during Bush 1's term. Apparently the big faux pas wasn't that he had sex, or in the White House, but that he lied to the woman saying he was a widower when he was actually still married!!!

OH NO!!!!! A man lying to get into someone's pants?? What has this world come to??? (Maybe we should ask Fr. Flanagan!)

But I am dying that the Department of Defense if finally catching up with this guy almost two decades later. It leaves our current soldiers free to rape Iraqi civilians without fear of two decades.

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