Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Expose Yourself

I knew there were other Vegas stories to tell you. One is mine. One is actually Denton's - but since he doesn't have a blog, I'm just co-opting it and putting it down here.

I had gone swimming down at the hotel pool and then went back to the room to hang out and wait for Denton so we can go out for dinner. It's Vegas, so there is no dress code per se. For better or worse, shorts are an ok thing to wear at even some of the nicest resturants. I threw on a pair and off we went.

What I completely forgot to do was zip my fly. Though it is quite possible that they were one of those pair where the zipper kind of doesn't stay up too. I realized this as we strolled across the crowded casino floor to make it to the main door. Yeah - I know, I guess it could be embarrassing, except for the fact that shit rarely bothers me.

As I zipped up right there (hey, it's Vegas), but it was then I realized I was going commando, which is something I rarely do. Again, it's Vegas. Big whoo. Poor Denton just shook his head, because naturally, I felt the need to tell him had people really made the effort, they might have caught a glimpse of Shumba and his short hairs.

A day or two later I went to the pool without Denton. But eventually he came down. Now these hotel pool areas are pretty big so he couldn't find me and just took his own chair somewhere. I never saw him since I was actually in one of the pools. At some point he found me.

Then he proceeded to point out a group of fairly masculine men he had been sitting near who at least appeared to be straight. And maybe they were. Maybe not.

Overheard was one guy complaining that he didn't have an opportunity to shave his head that day. But that lead to a conversation from a few of the others (not just one!) that they didn't get a chance to wax their taint.

Normally, I would have screamed: "GAY!!!!" (followed up with a very quick "ouch!") except that a few months ago, one of my holiday party guests was talking about the guy she was seeing who does the same thing.

Seriously - who does this??? WHO? (I mean besides the guys in Vegas and Betsy's booty call?)

It makes my commando / open door policy look frickin' tame.

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RJ March said...

Yeah, talk about co-opting-- if you've ever seen Boys Gone WIld you'll note that str8 boys have taken to the razor with a vengeance. Like I told R the other day when he pointed out a guy wearing "gay " shorts, implying the guy was gay, I told him, "Those shorts aren't gay anymore-- the straight guys are wearing them now." Nothing announces the end of a fad more than a straight guy doing it, wearing it, saying it, listening to it.

Hope you didn't catch Shumba in your hasty zip!