Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day

Another year is upon us. 2008. Yikes.

The passage of time goes no faster or slower than any other year. Sure, we long for the days when our lives were not so complicated and filled with ever-waking issues and constant trouble-shooting.

People will say that time flies, but honestly aren't there just days where it d-r-a-g-s? I guess it all equals out in the end. And in reality, when the hourglass has its last grain of sand, that's it.

Well....except for leap years.

The other day, I was caught on a 25 floor elevator ride with some guy who decided to tell me about his perception of time. When he was king (yes, he said that), he would eliminate February, because nobody liked it - and just add two to three more days per month. Ummm........okay. I knew if I said something snide that I would just run into him again and again, so I kept my lip buttoned and nodded a lot.

But last year at this time, I swore that 2007 would be better than 2006. And it was. But honestly, it had nowhere to go but up. 2006 was just butt-up.....and we bent over and took it. ....and not in the good way.

Now we both have new jobs. Hell, we both have jobs! That was a huge start. We have our health. We have really really good friends who we adore and are making new ones (which was said cannot happen after you turn 30 - which was a long long time ago).

But 2008 holds its challenges, of course. Yes there are personal things to accomplish (bathroom renovation!) which just might kill one of us.

What we really have to survive is the election!! Not that it hasn't already been going on for 12 months as it is. I cannot wait until the Iowa and New Hampshire caucus and primary are over. It will probably the last we'll have to see of Fred Thompson, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd and a half dozen no names who have been littering the news with blurbs they do not deserve. But it will also intensify the remaining few. Oy. ....and I've said it before, I just cannot bare for Ohio to be the deciding anything again. I want to be a fly-over state.

I cannot think of anything else 2008 has to hold as of yet. Except vacation. I don't know when. I don't know where. But as g-d is my witness we will take time off and go somewhere.

As for our NYE plans? Well, we don't go out . I made a very nice salad, potatoes and NY strip steaks last night. I have no desire to be out with the masses. What is the appeal to that?

G-d, what will those folks at Times Square do when we hit 2010 and they cannot use those ridiculous glasses?

Song by: U2


rebecca said...

Oh, people will still use those glasses, they just won't be able to see out of one eye!

Happy New Year's, Blobby and Blobby's readers! To a great 2008.

Blobby said...

Wow. i cannot believe i forgot to even wish my readership a good new years.

My bad.