Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Wonderful Guy

I thought this sculpture had been down near Columbus for as long as I can remember - but it turns out it has just been there a little before we moved out of town - but I've never ever bothered to take a picture of it until a week or so ago.

Granted, I have not lived in Columbus for well over a decade, but I happened to be near the site on business and purposefully went, armed with my camera and planned the 10 minute out of the way side trip.

It was never that impressive, but it seemed less so this time around. Maybe because before, over a decade ago, the Dublin area wasn't so built up. The cement corn could have resided where a normal corn field might. And it might have. Now it sits on a busy street and a busy intersection, adjacent to some corporate office building.

But it evokes the image that Columbus was and probably always will be a Cowtown.....even though there are no cow sculptures. Yet.

Song by: Rodgers & Hammerstein


Curtis said...

Field of corn!! I used to pass by this each morning on my way to work. Out of town friends would always ask what the significance is . . . I just shrugged.

RJ March said...

mmmm, cement corn.... begs a defecation joke, no?

Blobby said...

Morty? MORTY?

RJ is calling for your assistance.

Tony (LT) said...

Looks like the training grounds for an army of power bottoms.