Monday, January 21, 2008

A Thousand Beautiful Things

Get this: THIS is my 1000th post!!!

Who'd a thunk?

I had a rough start with this thing - and really put a lower level on it, as I just go on and on and on about 'stuff & nonsense'. Hopefully the quality is a smidge higher than updating you on Morty's mile markers at the Boston Marathon (though I am still proud of those - and least him).

I'm more consistent, though I doubt any more relevant. I do not have the bestest writing style. There are others out there I admire in that field. But at least I'm honest about what and how I blog. I don't think everyone out there is.

Have you ever noticed the everyday joes who say they just blog or fun but have a half a dozen posts per day? Granted, they are well crafted and somewhat researched and have good followings, but 'everyday joes'? Je don't think so. They are professional bloggers masquerading as just one of the masses.

I'm coming up on starting my fifth year of blogging - well, in mid-March. Geeze o'man. I started this on the eve of the Iraq War. Yes folks, we are coming up on the fifth year of THAT!

Anyway, to celebrate (?) the event, I thought it might be time for a new pitcher (yes! I know it is misspelled) up in my profile. Should it be:

Blobby, the Were-Rabbit?
Ok.....seriously, it was like 8 degrees this morning. And it is a very warm hat. Denton is embarrassed to be seen with me in it, but T.S..

.....or Blobby who desperately needs an eye lift?

Trust me - these are the lesser of all the evils. You don't even want to see the other ones I took. Actually, you people probably do, but that ain't never gonna happen. Ever.

So now you have 998 beautiful things to worry about look forward to.

Song by: Annie Lennox


Tony (LT) said...

Happy 1000!. You're way ahead of me.

I like the 2nd pic.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1K!

It's hard to match the mirth of the first pic, but the second one looks like you could someday in the distant future perhaps entertain the idea of smiling.

Kris said...

I vote for the first one. It's very "Fargo." Oh, and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Only 1,000? Somehow, it seems like more.

Oh, relax! I'm kidding!

I like the first picture.

rebecca said...

I love the hat! Is it real rabbit?

You look too thin. Eat, poppa, eat!

Blobby said...

Oh Becca - aren't you just the sweetest thing.......and the biggest fibber.